Del Mar Wire & Products stocks a full line of Repair Harness Pigtails form Double contact socket for Stop/ Tail/ turn lamps to Ignition Switch pigtails, Alternator 3 way female Repair Pigtails, Headlight Switch Pigtails, A/C Compressor Harness W/Diode Pigtails, Coolant Sensor Pigtails, Fan Speed Switch Pigtails, Throttle Body Fuel Injectors Pigtails, Map Sensor Pigtails, Manifold Air Temp Sensor ( MAT ) Pigtails,Window Lift Motor Pigtails, Ignition Coil Pigtails, Halogen Socket Pigtails, Exhaust Oxygen Sensor Pigtails, Neutral & Park Switch Pigtail also fits Alternator, Wheel / Vehicle Speed Sensors & rear Windshield Wiper Switches. Distributor Module Pigtails, Crankshaft Sensor Pigtail, Wheel Speed Sensor & Horn Pigtails, Digital Mass Air Flow Sensor Pigtails.

We also carry Door Switch Pigtails, Fan Control Switch Pigtails, Master Front Door Switch Pigtails, Oil Pressure Switch Pigtails, Turn Signal Switch Pigtails, Electronic Ride Control Sensor Pigtails, Transmission Converter Clutch Pigtails, Brake Light Switch Pigtails, Garage Door Opener Pigtails, Glow Plug Control Pigtails, Front Axle 4WD Actuator Pigtails, Neutral Safety Switch Pigtails, Crank Shaft Pigtails, ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Pigtails, Battery Accessory Circuit Pigtail it plugs into fuse box marked “BAT” It’s always on for Clocks, Horns, Alarms ECT.  We carry Repair Harness Pigtails for most American and Foreign made Vehicles. If you need Assistance in finding what your looking for please call (800) 826-5658