Cable Ties & Clamps

Nylon cable ties and wire clamps are excellent products for wire management and are used to help keep your wiring neat and orderly. Cable ties, also known as wire ties, come in many different sizes ranging from 4 inches in length to over 36 inches in length. The strength of a cable tie is measured in tensile strength, and indicates how much force can be applied to the cable tie before it breaks. We carry standard size UV black and natural cable ties, As well Heavy Duty and mounting cable, Push Mount, Adhesive back, Screw Mount cable ties.

Use cable clamps to hold or organize bundles of wire or wire loom. Clamps are available in Rubber covered aluminum or Rubber covered metal and UV resistant black or natural nylon. The most economical clamps are the nylon clamps. For stronger holding strength, choose steel clamps. For maximum performance and durability, Rubber covered aluminum is the clamp of choice.

A table with the numbers and length of each cable tie.
A table with the different types of cable ties.
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A chart of different types of cable clips and clamps.
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