Multi- Conductor Trailer Cable

Trailer Cable comes in a variety of sizes and configurations  14/2  14/3  14/4  14/6  14/7  14/12-7 Multi 16/4  16/6  12/4  12/6  12/16-6 Multi 10/12-7 Multi 10/12/14/-7 Multi  8/10/12/-7 Green Jacket ABS  MULTI  8/10/12/-7 YELLOW JACKET ISO  8/12/14-9 to control electrical items on the trailer.   It is used to control turn signals, driving lights, marker lights, brake lighting, electric trailer brakes, auxiliary items, and anti-lock (ABS) braking systems. All-copper stranded core is highly conductive to maximize power transfer while remaining flexible enough to last without cracking.

The inner conductors are general-purpose primary wires that meet SAE J1128 specifications and are covered in a high quality PVC jacket that is normally black but may also be green (ABS Trailer Cable)  Due to the extreme environment they operate in Del Mar Wire trailer cables are especially designed for reliability as an integral part of the brake and safety system. Heavy-Duty compact cable protects insulated conductors against weathering, chemicals and abrasion.  The inner wires are color coded to enable easy identification for particular circuit applications.

Special purpose 7-way trailer cables are available for recreational vehicle *(RV) applications.  **ABS trailer cable has a green jacket for easy identification and consists of one 8 gauge ground wire, two 10 gauge stop lamp wires and four 12 gauge constant power circuit wires.

Chart displaying wire gauge sizes, color codes, and various lengths.


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